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Dynamic Website Service & Solutions


  • WordPress website
  • Unique & Attractive Design
  • Eye-catching homepage with multiple headers
  • Control of changing site content without IT knowledge
  • Edit text with different color & font choosing option
  • Change image easily
  • Edit text using different font styles, sizes, and colors as you go.
  • Add / Edit / Upload/Remove site Content/Images with HTML skill.
  • World Popular CMS & International Standard CMS(WordPress)
  • Manage a website with little knowledge by training.

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Individual  Price

  • Online Feedback Form: 2000 taka
  • Visitor Counter: 1000 taka
  • Language Module(Without Bangla): 2000 taka , Bangla – 1000 taka per page
  • Every A4 size Content: 1500 taka
  • Editing Image: 100 taka per image
  • Flash Intro: 5000 taka
  • Flash banner: 2000 taka
  • Google Map: 2000 taka

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Support Charge (Within 24 hours support)

  • Design Change Support: 20,000 taka per design
  • Content Change Support: 5000 taka  per month(Max 3 times)
  • Content Change Support: 8000 taka  per month(Max 5 times)
  • Content Change Support: 10,000 taka  per month(Max 12 times)
  • Content Change Support: 30,000 taka per month(Unlimited times 9 am -6 pm)
  • Outlook Setup: 2000 Taka (Team Viewer), 5000 Taka (Office Visit)



  • 1st Training(1 hour): Free
  • 2nd Training: 5,000 taka per hour (Inside Our Office)
  • Training: 10,000 taka  per hour (Outside Our Office)-After 1st training, if you want.

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Payment Methods

  • 50% advance payment for website development
  • 50% due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
  • Client must provide all content with work order.

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Terms & Condition

  • If Client Failed to provide the content within 30 days after contract then the project will count as a complete project.
  • Post Sales Support: 30 Days
  • Charges per extra pages: 5,000 taka
  • If the page size is more the A4 size then additional cost will be 2,000 taka  per A4 size Content
  • Domain and hosting must be renewed in every year before a month of expired date. Otherwise additional cost will be added according to the domain hosting renew rules.
  • If image need to customized like background change or color change or any kind of editing then additional cost will be 100 taka  per picture.


Dynamic Website Development


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